What determines the price of fiber laser cutting machine?

Regardless of past and present, metal can always bring a lot of fun and business opportunities in life. This age. The production of artisans has basically declined. On the contrary, high-tech metal fiber laser cutting machines have been used to manufacture various metal crafts.

Life is inseparable from bottles, cans cut with fiber laser cutting machines, tableware and cookware can always increase our cooking pleasure and enrich our appetite; life is inseparable from metal products, whether used as decorations or gifts, optical fiber Laser cutting machine, such as metal lampshade, metal model, jewelry and other exquisite metal crafts can always bring a little vitality and bring more fun to the lover.

The car’s shiny innovative design and auto parts are mainly produced by fiber laser cutting machine.

MK4020F-Totally enclosed Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Interexchange table

When Hong Lei Laser received a customer inquiry, the most common question was “How much is this laser cutting machine?” It is important to pay attention to price, but quality is more important. Laser cutting machine brand, laser, laser power supply, motor, laser head and other configurations not only determine the price, but also determine the service life. Therefore, when we buy a laser cutting machine, in addition to the price, we must pay attention to this information.

As a new product that caters to market trends, laser cutting machines are highly praised by users for their accuracy and high cutting speed. Nowadays, the laser cutting machines on the market are different, and the prices are also different: hundreds of thousands, some even millions, some businesses are marked with “XX laser cutting machine 60,000 one”, which is directly a flash. More importantly, some sellers only mark prices, obscure addresses or even non-standard addresses, so that users who cannot access the website do not know that this is actually a small workshop. Honglu Laser is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production and development of metal laser cutting machines. It is a benchmark enterprise in the field of laser cutting machine production in China. After years of R&D and innovation, the laser equipment developed and produced has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good beam quality, stable performance and high cost performance. Many technologies are in a leading position in the same industry in China. The laser equipment produced is sold to many large and medium-sized backbone manufacturing enterprises and listed companies across the country.

When we choose, we must understand the purpose of the laser cutting machine, the material being cut and the thickness and size of the material to be cut.

Some laser cutting machines are surrounded by structures, which can reduce laser radiation, and some laser cutting machines have exchange platforms to save loading and unloading time. The integrated tube and pipe machine is suitable for customers who need to cut plates and pipes. The more functions of the laser cutting machine, the higher the price, everyone can choose according to their needs.

After selecting the machine type, select the worktable of the laser cutting machine according to the size of the cutting material. The same series of the same power is expensive and expensive. However, the large size is not good. Some poor quality machines are large-scale. The average laser output is unstable, so it is correct to choose the correct format.

Of course, we must pay attention to the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. The higher the accuracy, the better the cutting surface. The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine should also be considered. After all, the cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the profits generated are also greater. The longer the life of the laser, the better for users.

Therefore, the choice of laser cutting machine should choose the type and style of laser cutting machine according to its own industry needs and cutting materials. It requires higher configuration and naturally higher price, but it cannot be blindly pursuing price and ignoring quality.

Post time: Jul-07-2020